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In early 2020 谷歌 announced that they will incorporate Core Web Vitals and existing user experience signals to aid how it evaluates the overall on-page experience to introduce it as part of their ranking signals. Their goal is to enhance the overall web browsing experience on both mobile and desktop.

谷歌 was initially set to launch their ‘page experience update’ this May, but site owners can let out a collective sigh of relief as they 现在 have a little bit more time up their sleeves after 谷歌 announced the update will 现在 gradually roll out starting mid-June.


This update is designed to highlight web pages that offer a great user experience (UX) which is a growing focus of 谷歌s. 该算法似乎将专注于页面级别, 意思是,如果一页的体验很差,但另一页的体验很好, 谷歌 won’t reduce the ranking of your whole website (and vice versa).

更新将于6月中旬开始. 谷歌 will commence using page experience as part of its ranking systems; however, 它将在8月底之前发挥其全部作用.

良好的用户体验对于任何网站来说都是非常重要和优先的. 如果你不关注用户如何与你的公司互动, services and/or products then it is very likely that you have gaps in your website, as it is not operating to its full potential and hampering your growth.


谷歌的核心Web Vitals via 评估网页体验,打造更好的网页

  1. Content is well structured and organized on the page (this refers to copy, video, 图片, 按钮等等).
  2. 页面旅程清晰易懂, the site has been designed around the needs of users’– users’ do not need to jump through hoops to find what they want nor is their experience hindered by things like 400 error pages.
  3. 内容是有用的——它服务于用户的需求.

There are over 200 indirect and direct ranking factors 谷歌 considers. Such as backlinks, relevancy, content quality, freshness, search intent. Each has varying levels of importance depending on your type of website.

Important takeaway: The update is impactful; however, it is important to note that this should not diminish your ability and focus to produce high-quality content. 内容生产仍然是至高无上的 谷歌. E.g. It will prioritise a page that provides users with the best information, 即使页面体验是 比内容质量差的页面还差.


核心Web Vitals (CWV)The results of loading, interactivity, visual stability on a page. 这可以在工具上进行审查,例如 谷歌页面速度洞察.


  1. 最大含量涂料(LCP):测量装载性能. To provide a good user experience, sites should strive to have LCP occur within the first 2.页面开始加载的5秒.
  2. 第一个输入延迟(FID):衡量交互性. To provide a good user experience, sites should strive to have an FID of less than 100 milliseconds.
  3. 累积布局偏移(CLS):测量视觉稳定性. To provide a good user experience, sites should strive to have a CLS score of less than 0.1.
为移动设备设计的If a page is not mobile-friendly it is difficult for users to view and navigate on their mobile devices. 一个网站应该针对所有设备类型进行优化.

这是可以衡量的 谷歌移动测试.

安全浏览本页面不存在危及用户安全的关键安全问题. 如恶意或欺骗性的内容.
没有侵入插页式广告 Content on the page is easily accessible and free of intrusive content (such as popups that occupy the entirety of the space).


谷歌的新搜索控制台页面体验通过手机 更多的时间、工具和详细的页面体验更新


谷歌 Search Console will 现在 encompass a page experience report (which at this stage will only show results for a URL in 谷歌 Search results on mobile devices). 这将给页面体验一个突出的分析位置.

银河至尊app下载怀疑, paid software’s will incorporate page experience data and comparisons in due time.

在过去,用户体验对页面排名有间接的贡献, 现在, the new page experience signal will serve as a direct ranking factor. 积极的页面体验将提高排名, 而负面的页面体验可能会导致页面排名下降.

With anything, the more accessible data is to you, the more likely you are going to respond to it. 这份新报告将提供一些网站所有者可以采取行动的东西. 这对你来说和你的竞争对手一样重要, 放大了你优先考虑的需求.


The user experience should be a consideration at the forefront of your decision making, 如果不是, then this update serves as an appropriate reminder of its importance.

如果你的网站在用户体验方面存在不足, or you have read this article and are unsure if there are components you have implemented, 那现在就给他们点颜色看看. 谷歌通常不提前通知, so the fact that we were made aware of the update and the delay is an opportunity we should take advantage of to fix any issues.

提高你的排名, you should always focus on creating the best possible content and optimize your website to ensure you provide a good user experience. 不同之处在于, the parameters are more specific and the potential impact of not doing so, 更大的.



如果你想审查或改变你的网站,以提高用户体验, 联系Digital Embassy UX团队.



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